Cutting IT costs

Our Services

We are a team of Senior Associates specialising in auditing and streamlining IT workflows — business alignment, automation, system integration and API development to mention but a few.. allowing you to focus on growth whilst saving on manual effort, error handling, redundancies and duplication. We understand commerce and we understand the workings behind complex software systems. The bottom line — we drive efficiencies that deliver tangible accounting benefits.

IT Auditing

Understanding your information systems allows us to propose on key cost cutting initiatives — notwithstanding governance and security. Recommendations are roadmapped and prioritised based on business case — real world cost cutting and/or revenue generating figures.

Business Objectives

At the heart of our work is a constant focus on business alignment. System workflows should always serve the business goals and not the other way round. Identifying solid business cases against each task ensures that you always receive value for money.

Architecture & Virtualisation

We have expertise in 'as is-to be' future proofed architectural transformations — covering best practices for server containers, cloud technologies, database mergers, legacy systems and automated regression testing — all with huge potential savings.

Software Automation

A major asset in reducing FTE overheads. Automation using open source platforms including PHP and Java eliminates repetitive asks and human error — leading to impressive cost and time savings.

APIs & System Integration

A smooth flow of information across your systems and workflows is vital for streamlining and reducing costs. Working with APIs is what we've been doing for decades. No API — don't worry — we'll build one for you.

Agile Methodologies

An audit of current development methodologies can serve to improve efficiencies. We have Consultants with expertise in Scrum, Kanban and FDD.. in addition to the traditional Waterfall approach.

Artificial Intelligence

How can machine learning benefit your organisation? Oblique IT offers Consulting in areas as diverse as problem solving, speech recognition, learning and planning.

Personnel Audit

Given that this can be a sensitive area it is often easier to outsource a review of IT personnel costs to a fresh pair of eyes — (with no 'mis-placed' loyalties)


Securing databases, networks, hardware, firewalls and encryption reduce the risk of potential data theft and keep computer systems running smoothly.

Our Experience